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Arise believes that all children deserve to be in thriving families no matter how families are formed. Children thrive in families but families who choose adoption and/or foster care need to be strengthened as adoption and/or foster care is traumatic for any child or infant which has long lasting effects and families need to be equipped throughout their lifetime with the skills to foster resilience and safe support network so that their child can thrive.

Over the past 14 years, Arise has been a major player in psychosocial education and support for families who choose to grow their families through adoption and foster care. We have partnered over the years with adoption agencies throughout South Africa as well as churches and other organisations such as welfare organisations to offer support to their families.

We highlight the importance of trauma competent caregivers and so we believe that all adoptive parents and foster care parents should understand the importance of attachment, grief & loss and identity especially racial identity should you adopt outside of your race, heritage and/or culture. This is vital for the healthy development of a child.

We run various workshops and events throughout the year to support families on their journey. Make sure you sign up for our monthly newsletters to stay updated with all our events.

Tickets will be available on Quicket closer to each event and will be advertised in the Arise Adoption Support Facebook group, but please email if you have any questions before then.

Our Adoption Conference:

Over the past 14 years, Arise has hosted national adoption conferences in Cape Town, Pretoria, Johannesburg, Gqeberha where experts as well as adoptive families and adult adoptees share their experiences about adoption to prospective adoptive families.

The reason for this is that adoption and foster care starts with trauma. Children who have been removed from their biological roots (from their birth parents), and this is known by experts as a major traumatic event in a child’s life. This early onset of trauma has specific effects on the physiological, social, and emotional development of children.

Therefore, it is important that prospective adoptive parents need to understand adoption fully before they make their decision as well as adoptive parents need to know how to address the various needs and challenges their children will need as they grow to healthy adults.


Adoptee Manifesto

Angela Tucker is the author of the Adoptee Manifesto. “Each sentence in this manifesto represents a battle I’ve fought over my lifetime. I’ve spent countless hours convincing others and myself that each of these statements matters and have legitimacy. I wrote this for myself, but now want it to serve as an anthem for others adoptees as well. I will hang this manifesto in my office so I can be reminded of my truths every day.”

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