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Arise believes that every child belongs in a thriving family

Based in Cape Town, South Africa, we see families crumbling under the weight of poverty, crime, social injustice and abuse. Arise aims to strengthen family units through various programmes. We work with both children and parents or caregivers to counsel, strengthen, and equip families so that they can be a place where children feel safe, loved, and find a sense of belonging.

Arise is a Cape Town based NPO and faith-based organisation that has worked tirelessly since 2007 to provide holistic support and interventions to existing families and which promotes the creation of new families, through our adoption support services. We work to strengthen family relationships, deepen connections and strive to help children reach their full potential.

Our model incorporates strength-based and resilience building interventions, focused on developing the bond between children and their caregivers. In an attempt to further the footprint of the work we do, Arise now offers consulting services to train and equip others in our programmes, and impact more children to bring about thriving families.

Our Services

Arise offers Family Strengthening Services aimed to preserve, strengthen and support families in resource-poor communities to build resiliency so that children and their families can overcome adversities and reach their full potential.

Our Adoption Support Services work to build and strengthen new families for those children without families. We offer pre and post placement support and education through workshops and conferences.

Arise offers Consulting Services in the form of training, consulting and guest speaking services.

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