Photos of kids learning and playing

At Arise, we believe that every child created by God deserves to be part of a thriving family. We create professionally taught and facilitated therapeutic and support groups for both children and adults.

Photos of kids and teens learning and playing

Our team of psychologists and social workers are able to deliver high-quality, evidence-based intervention at no or low cost to participants through financial partnerships with individuals and organisations that share our conviction that stronger families are the foundation for a stronger society. Our family-based therapeutic counselling work addresses common issues of abuse, neglect, addiction, depression, anxiety, and the effects of trauma in resource-poor communities.

Based in Heideveld on the Cape Flats in Cape Town, Arise is uniquely positioned to impact existing families in resource-poor communities and where this is not possible, to work city-wide to promote new families through adoption and foster care. Its Family Centre model is based around collaborative partnerships with community organisations, delivering a high-quality holistic service to families. Through therapeutic and psychosocial groups, a unique Family Conference Service that creates resilience in families, and both formal training and informal coaching of community lay counsellors, Arise serves the community on all levels.