Our Services

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Family Strengthening Services

Arise offers Family Strengthening Services aimed to preserve, strengthen and support families in resource-poor communities to build resiliency so that children and their families can overcome adversities and reach their full potential.

Based in Heideveld on the Cape Flats, we are surrounded by communities that face many challenges. Poverty, lack of employment, poor quality education, drug and alcohol addiction, violence and gangsterism destroy local families. We refuse to accept that these common stories of failure are the only option, and we are committed to new stories of restored families, thriving children and transformation.

We create professionally taught and facilitated therapeutic and support groups for both children and adults to build resilience to overcome the adversities they face. Our Family Centre Model ensures that we walk a journey with each and every family that enters our doors through the various programmes and services that we offer.

The services we offer at our Family Centre are:

  • Individual consultations with a concerned family member
  • Family group meetings
  • Open parent support
  • Family Strengthening Services
  • Various programmes in schools
  • Home visits

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Adoption Support Services

Arise believes that adoption is about finding families for children without families. In light of this, we offer professional pre and post placement Adoption Support Services and educate families through workshops and conferences.

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Consulting Services

Arise offers Consulting Services in the form of training, consulting and guest speaking services.

Training: We run training workshops in Cape Town, Joburg and Durban to equip other professionals to run our programmes in their own context and spheres. Finding Feelings / Fierce / Man in the Mirror

Each trainer will be given a copy of the programme manual, all the handouts used, and lists of resources needed to facilitate the programme. The workshops involve group discussion, small group activities, reflection activities, and experiential learning.

Training Workshop Outcomes:

  • To assist trainers to understand the fundamental concepts in the programmes and how to apply it to their own context.
  • To introduce trainers to the programmes and to take trainers through the material experientially.
  • To role play and model certain key activities in our programmes and develop facilitation skills.

Consulting: Invite us to run our workshops at your venue (Adoption Support: Life Story Work and Transracial Adoption) or in your church (Child Protection Policy)

Guest Speaking: Book us to present a talk at your business, school, church or NGO. Talks available: Building Resilience in Children / Bullying / Anxiety and Depression in Children and Teens / Screen Time