Adoption Month – Listening to South African Adoptee, Wendy Lessing

As Adoption Month marches on, we are aware that there isn’t a single story when it comes to listening to adoptees. Is it important to listen to the stories to expand our views? We believe it is. Thank you Wendy Lessing for sharing your views on the hype around Adoption Month.

What do you think about Adoption Awareness Month?

No interest at all. From what I have seen it only serves to advertise and advocate for adoption.

Do you choose to honour Adoption Awareness Month?

Absolutely not.

What does it it look like for an adoptive parent to indicate that they are listening to adoptees?

The same methods of having open two way communication with any child but with the knowledge that adoption issues can present in different ways for each child and by not taking these things personally.

The conversation on family preservation is often neglected in adoption conversations, what would you like to see included in this and for adoptive parents to be aware of?

Potential adoptive parents should be made aware that the option of “adopting” or supporting the mother/family may serve the interests of the child more than removing the child.

What are your views in general about adoption, would you advocate for adoption?

Realistically we will probably never remove the need for adoption, particularly in South Africa where poverty and other social problems are rife. I would only advocate for adoption if there is absolutely no way to assist the mother or family to keep their child.