To the Strong Women We Serve

At Arise we celebrate women’s month by honouring the strong, courageous and fierce women that we serve in our communities. Through our various programmes we have seen heroic women who carry the burdens of society, and their families, on their shoulders; yet they show their strengths by making sacrifices, by their determination to improve their livelihoods and by advocating for their children. These women often go unseen, unheard and are forgotten because of their circumstances.

But at Arise, we see, we hear and we remember these women who we have learnt so much from, who have taught us on how to service families on the Cape Flats, and who help us to be better women. We thank God for these women and their families, we pray that they will truly know how much they are loved by Him and how inspirational they are to so many.

To the grandmothers who are the bedrock of our families, who sacrifice their elderly years to start parenting all over again, we see you. You are the matriarch not only of your own family but to so many families around you. We see how you manage to make a bag of potatoes, and a loaf of bread stretch beyond your household. We see you committed to your faith and to your family. We see you wanting to change the cycles within your home, we see you fight for your children and grandchildren. You are loved.

To the single mothers who do not know how they going to make it till the end of the month but still manages to buy that special gift for their child on their birthday, we salute you. We know this is not what you wanted for your children but we see your sacrifices that you make, we see how you make a house a home. Your hope for your children shines through and your caring nature for those around you is inspiring.

To the mothers who are not coping with life’s circumstances, those fighting addiction, and who are trying to heal from the traumas of their past to make a better future for their children – we see your determination to make a better life for your family. We know life has been hard and unfair but you keep going, making joyful memories for your children. You are cherished.

To the women in abusive relationships, we see the hope you have, we see the love you have for a man who hurts you and how you feel trapped. Know you are valued, that you are worth more than a man by your side and the courage you have to talk about your abuse is brave and courageous. We stand by you. We advocate for you.

To the fierce teen girls who persevere at school despite the pressures to dropout and the societal pressures you face, we care. We see your persistence to meet your goals, to become a success and stand out. You are beautiful and the world awaits.

To the young girls who have the potential to change the world, we applaud you. We see your strong, confident spirit, your joyful smile and your willingness to try everything. We hope the world is kind to you. You are our future.

To all the women we serve: you are of worth, brave, strong and fierce. Our hope for you is that you will see your own strength, you will have deep relationships with those close to you, you will have a sense of belonging and purpose and that you will be able to build resilience for yourself and those around you. But most importantly, that you will carrying on knowing that the Maker of Heaven and Earth made you! And loves you!