Strong Families, Strong Communities

What is family in South Africa?

Not all families look the same.  International research shows that our country is unique by the extent in which parents are absent from their children’s daily lives. Recent studies have shown that over 20% of South African children do not live with both biological parents and up to 57% of children have absent fathers. Many of our families consist of female-headed households, child-headed households, and combinations of families with aunts, uncles and their children all living together.


Arise’s opinion on the proposed changes of the Children’s Act Amendment Bill 2019


At Arise, we believe that every child deserves to be raised in a thriving family; and we work tirelessly in two ways to achieve this. Firstly, we work with existing families in resource poor communities to build resilience and deepen connections through our strength-based approach and group interventions.  Secondly, we advocate strongly for those children who do not have families to be placed in families through adoption.